WHO IS CRS? CRS Financial Services, Inc. is a debt management services provider with trained counselors that is catering to Debt Assistance and Debt Management services. Our Program is designed for individuals with unsecured debt that has become unmanageable. All CRS debt counselors are trained to recognized industry standards.

HOW CAN CRS HELP YOU? Most lenders have agreed to offer very “special” repayment arrangements to consumers who enroll in our Debt Management program. This often includes lowering monthly payment requirements and waiving late fees or penalties. Some creditors have given CRS pre-approval to significantly lower, or sometimes even eliminate, the interest rate(s) you are currently being charged. This means that a far greater percentage of your payment will be applied directly toward your outstanding credit balance, enabling you to more readily satisfy your debt. Also, the majority of lenders will bring your account “current”, if you are now a bit behind with your monthly payments.

PLEASE KEEP IN MIND It is important that you select an established, reputable company with whom you feel comfortable when seeking debt assistance. Consolidating your debts with a firm, like CRS, is considered by lenders far preferable to alternatives such as lateness, delinquency, or bankruptcy. Accounts placed in our program cannot be used until your debt has been paid in-full. You don’t always have to be late, or behind with your payments, to take advantage of the services CRS can offer.

HOW DOES THIS WORK? You make one low, convenient, fixed monthly payment to CRS each month. You determine the time of the month which is most financially convenient you you, and send your first monthly payment to CRS. This date will become your regular payment date each month throughout your the consolidation. Once CRS receives your first monthly payment to be disbursed to your debts, all creditors will be notified immediately that you are now a client. Your lenders will then adjust your account(s) to reflect the new payment due date, as well as normally lower your monthly payment, reduce or eliminate interest, stop late fees/penalties, and/or bring your account "current". CRS places your payment in its trust account and then issues disbursements to each of your creditors, cwithin one to two weeks of when your payment arrives, depending on the method of payment you submitted. You will continue to receive your monthly statements directly from your creditors, confirming that an accurate payment has been posted to your account, and interest has been reduced according to your CRS payment plan. Since these repayment criteria have alreay been pre-approved, your creditors will not be contacted until you have enrolled in our program. All information sent to CRS is kept strictly confidential.


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